About Us

Taste and Remember

Spirit of 21 is a fun, interactive social wine application that helps you “taste and remember” every wine you try either at a winery or at home.  Using a few simple screens to record aroma, taste and how much you liked it, Spirit of 21 dials up an easy-to-use format.  And, when you combine your impressions with your friends’, it creates a whole new way to enhance your tasting experience.


Wine is like food.  It’s part of our meal, our party, our enjoyment.  Wine isn’t just tasted.  It becomes part of the fabric of what’s happening around you.  And most often, our friends and family are with us when we are out enjoying ourselves with wine. Your friends know what you like, you share and exchange.  You taste wines with them.  Not the wine expert in a magazine.  Spirit of 21 links your likes with those of your friends via our tasting association screen.  Now you know who, what, where and how much you liked it–and whether your friend liked it as much!

Direct from the Producer

Experience wine as the wine maker intended, without the wine snob, middleman, distributing company, supermarket or liquor store.  You’ll like the Spirit of 21 because direct is better. Talk about perfect provenance.

Order with Greater Selection

Not all of your favorite wines are available in a market or liquor store.  Frankly, so many of the small, family-operated wineries never bother to release their limited-production wines to the broader marketplace.  With Spirit of 21, you’ll tap in straight to what’s being offered at the winery. Even that great little library release you tasted on your last trip to Sonoma County.